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Beyond Church was birthed out of an idea/ thought that the one place that we should be able to be, who and what we are, is the church! We are living in a generation that is experiencing identity crisis left and right, simply because we feel we have to be something that we are not in order to appease others. My thought was “why can’t people come to church and be them.” Spirit spoke to me and said BEYOND (BE You Overcoming Negativity Daily).

BEYOND Church is an ABC Church; All Accepting, Bible Based, Christ-Centered Church. What does this mean? A- we do not discriminate against gender, race, social-economic status, orientation, etc. B-the Bible is our primary text and guide by which we can live a well-balanced life. C- we believe in the fundamental principle of Christianity and follow the teachings of Christ.

Consider a few more reasons why church membership is so important for our church and in your life:

For our church body…

  • It communicates to the other church members that you are committed to them

  • It enables church leaders to identify whose spiritual lives they are shepherding and who is living out the vision of the church

  • It identifies you as a follower of Christ who is committed to His body

  • It creates a team of devoted followers of Christ to pursue something spiritually significant together

For you…

  • It provides a spiritual family to support your walk with Christ

  • It places you under the spiritual protection of godly leaders

  • It provides an opportunity to discover and use your spiritual gifts to build up the body of Christ It gives you encouragement and accountability for growth in your relationship with God

There is so much more to church than what meets the eye. Come and go beyond with us and see for yourself!

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